For Windows Server 2003, you also need to have Windows 2003 Support Tools installed. The support tools are NOT installed when you install the operating system. You can download the support tools service pack for SP1 here: 4E7AC4F0912D&displaylang=en

and SP2 here:

If you are using Windows 2000 SP4 as your security server, you will also need to download and install SP4 of the Windows 2000 support tools. You can download them here: BB6539362473&displaylang=en

Additionally for Windows Server 2000 users, you may need to download the setspn.exe utility. You can get that here: ff01d29e5c46&displaylang=en

Differences Between WAS 6.1, WAS 7 and WAS 8

SPNEGO configuration on WAS 7 is more streamlined than in WAS 6.1, but the preparation is identical. In the step-by-step instructions that follow, if there is no distinction made between versions of WebSphere, then you need to perform that step regardless of which version you are using. Configuration for WAS 7 and WAS 8 is virtually identical, and the minor differences are indicated.

Additionally, there is only cosmetic difference between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 (with the addition of the Windows power shell the most notable). Configuration on Windows Server 2008 is exactly the same as the documentation below for Windows Server 2003.

Configuring SPNEGO for SSO in IBM WebSphere using Microsoft Active Directory
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    very cool resource for SSO on WAS with Microsoft platform interoperability!

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